A Sunshiny Sunday walk…

The body advances, 
while the mind flutters around it like a bird.  
Jules Renard

Cleared my mind, opened my heart, listened to the 
whispers of the wind and went for a walk…
Said the sidewalk when I looked down…
Waiting outside for me, 
 my forgotten friend, the Sun
kept me company… 
Light blue skies, my favourite kinds…

Letting my mind float away to where
the river meets the sky,
I went daydreaming…

Down by the River Side… 😉

Tell me, where did you go today?


  1. Tracy, How I wish I could pack some sunshine and send it your way. Christmas is almost there, I can not believe it, guests arriving in 4 days! Have a terrific Tuesday ;-)Karen, Here the sun kept coming for a few hours and then played hide and seek with the clouds, most of last week. Yesterday, felt so nice 🙂


  2. Yes, we both did have sunshine on Sunday (what an appropriately named day). For me here in North Carolina it was the first time in close to two weeks.


  3. Oh, sunshine… I would love to see some of that again, I think the sun has forgotten us… We've not venture far this weekend as it's been terribly cold and snowy. Last Christmas shopping & errands–glad to be doe… let the fun begin. ;o) Happy Day, Anyes ((HUGS))


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