All I was wishing for…

A full house, plenty of laughter,  
children running around,
friends relaxing together…
…Foods, drinks, musics
Plenty of music
Joy of being together …

This is really what Christmas is for me


  1. Tracy! I am glad to see you had some very good times. Lots of exciting events as I see on your side…Happy early Birthday, sweet Friend Gayle, Thank you for your Christmas wishes. I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed this time as well.


  2. Oh, such JOY! Hope this finds you all still having a cozy Christmas holiday. We’re just emerging from some very festive days just now. Later in the week is my birthday–hubby’s taking me out to lunch. Then we ring in New Year already–it’s a great time just now! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


  3. Karen, This was done with the matte and panography-ish effects, on Picnik. It allowed me to give a sense of what happened without being too revealing 😉


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