Winter lights

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart. 
Victor Hugo

Since last Wednesday, we have had a bit of snow here, nothing major but just enough to cover all the grassy green areas of this hill, with a perfectly white light dusting of powder.  The below freezing daily temperatures, are gifting us with a pretty winter snowy decor all around my neighbourhood, five days after the snow fall, all the beauties of snow without its inconveniences 😉

So everyday, I go for a walk with my camera, the outside light is tremendous, an amateur photographer’s dream.  A bit cold, (0 degree centigrade / 32.0 degree Fahrenheit), nothing my winter jacket could not handle.  I feel really lucky, my heart melting just looking around me, everything seems so magical, in this light, don’t you think?

Walking around always makes me feel better, as I have been a bit anxious lately, wondering how I will tackle all I want to accomplish.  Still a bit early now, yet I can already tell this year is going to be quite busy, writing while still taking daily photographs and wanting to get better in both directions.  Why can’t I just take it easy? 

Here I am, full of hope rolling up my sleeves and getting ready to tackle my heart’s desires


  1. Tracy, it certainly seems this year is starting out with magic, which would be fine with me ;-)Tara, Thank you for all your wishes and the best of luck with your move to beautiful Amsterdam. I am really looking forward to all your photographs 🙂


  2. Lovely images – it is the perfect time of year to be taking photos! Wishing you all the best in 2011, with your writing and photography. Hope it's a wonderful year for you!


  3. Vickie! Your words are so soothing and so wise. I am letting anxiety melt away under the Sun rays…it feels so good! Thank you :-)Karen, You are most welcome!Se'lah, It is always such a pleasure, a real treat 😉


  4. I like that thought – anxiety is energy not used. I'll write that one down in my journal.Thank you, Vickie and thank you, Anyes, for the photographs.


  5. Beautiful photos of words and realization! I pulled up you blog without looking and went to my kitchen door that's half window and placed my palms on the window to feel the Sun. Then, I realized that the Sun provides the same energy that comes through me that I give to others! We are all connected! Then I see your photos.So, anxiety is energy not used. Take one step and rest in knowing that there is so much time to live because you are eternal and beautiful! Don't think about what you hve to do, just do it one minute at a time..the now and then smile.Happy New Year and Happy New You!


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