Sunset Sunday # 1

or the beauty of the moon, 
Mahatma Gandhi  (1869-1948)
Yesterday’s Sunset 
While searching the internet for photography blogs, 
I came across Scott Law’s 
and decided to do this: 
Photographing  Saturday’s sunsets 
then posting them for Sunday.  

Coming along with me?


  1. Sharon, I would so enjoy seeing Texan Sunsets or Sunrises for that matter. Great news :-)Scott, You are so right still I like giving myself a bit of challenge. Wouldn't it be incredible to find for each Saturdays a Sunset/Sunrise to be posted the following day ;-)Karen 🙂 Glad to have you aboard. I know most probably at least in winter, the Sun photographs will have to be old ones, as Scott said it is about enjoying them…


  2. Looks like we've got a trend going, Anyes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for sun this week or I'll have to search through old snapshots.


  3. I'm so glad you decided to join us in search of perfect sunsets. You are right about yours being a different color and that is one of the many cool things about sunsets. By the way, there are no real rules to my Sunset Sunday theme, and even sun rises are okay. They can be taken any day of the week and some of mine will show up even several weeks or months after I actually captured them. The only point is to enjoy them. I enjoyed perusing through the photos in your blog, hope to see you again soon and often.


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