Sunday fun…

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.  
Joseph Addison

Nothing beats watching great movies on a gray January Sunday… 

… that is exactly what I did.  

After a late breakfast, I decided to watch The Illusionist, a movie I had seen a few years back and was in the mood to see again. Then in the evening, having tackled all my house chores, home caring, as a treat to myself I saw Fried Green Tomatoes, a movie I had always been curious about but never got around to see.   
All in all, I’d say I had a very uneventful Sunday, doing nothing special yet having lots of fun  doing it…

 Tell me, did you anything fun yesterday?


  1. Tara, Once you are all unpacked or even in between cartons, treat yourselves to the Illusionist…You won't regret it :-)margie :-)I hear you are getting ready to see the sun, could you send some, my way if you don't mind my asking?ladyfi, Walking on a lake and ice skating also sound like fun Sunday activities :-)Norma, Yes I have to say I did love both movies and could watch them again and again ;-)Karen, Well I have to tell you I'd give my "Queendom" for just a few rays of sunshine…it feels like we have only seen shades of gray forever, here. The last animation we saw was "Fantastic Mr. Fox" I really loved the stop-motion animation, so cute πŸ™‚


  2. Love the mountains and clouds. I only have clouds today, clouds tomorrow and clouds Wednesday.Tangled was my last movie that I watched a couple of weeks ago. I love how cartoons look so life-like.


  3. Lovely clouds.. love the tear effect you've added.Yesterday was great fun – masses of sun making the snow sparkle. We could actually walk on the lake and ice skate for the first time this season…


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