What would happen if I did not do it?

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.
 In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”
 Oscar Wilde  (Irish Poet, Novelist, Dramatist and Critic, 1854-1900)


For the last year or so I have had this recurring obsession, that I wanted, that I needed to write.  Since then, I have been searching for writing blogs, been reading more books than ever, wanting to start short stories, novels or even try writing poems…

What would happen if I did not go through with it… nothing major I suppose, my family would still be here, we would still have a home and I would still be playing the same important roles in my life.  Be the mother my children need, the wife my husband desires and the friend who can always be relied upon.  However, there would be a part of me that would never see the light, a part of me that would feel ignored and gradually wither away, but would it matter so much if this part was only known to me?

Well, I believe it would matter because this is in truth, the essence of who I am. 

It’s the song I need to sing, the poem I need to write, the painting I wish to colour and the very definition of my soul.  Which brings me back to my post title…What would happen if I did not do it?

I would have lived paying all of my attention to other important parts of my life. Ignoring my inner whisper, this secret angel voice that keeps pushing me when I want to give up.  I would have wasted away something that needed to be dug up.I might have sometimes wondered deep in the bottom of my heart, where was this gnawing feeling of emptiness coming from? 

Thankfully, I do not have to wonder anymore, as I am writing daily.  Giving it a good old try. Going along for the ride, my heart opened to all the possibilities and to all the adventures my pen and a blank page can muster together.  This is an exciting time and I feel privileged to have been awaken and to have tapped into this sleeping treasure, I was not really aware of.

Only years will tell of what reading pleasure, if any I will be able to give others. In the meantime, I sure am having a lot of fun…  



  1. Dear Anyes,
    Thank you for this lovely moment with your thoughts. I really share your passion for writing, pictures, music, and the world. Thank you also for sharing your captures in Instagram – they always make my day.
    All the best,

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  2. Dear Anonymous, I wish I could tell you how pleased I was reading your comment, this post took lots of courage to write and came directly from my heart. Thank you, whoever you are 🙂


  3. Tracy!, I can not believe how open I was on this post, still hoping I am in the right direction :-)Norma, Thank you so much for your kind words :-)Karen, I feel so privileged to be able to help you with what I am writing, and it's such a pleasure to read you again :-)Karen, Thank you! It's hard sometime to remember that I have nothing to lose and a lot to gain ;-)Jennifer, Writing those words today was a risk I took, so totally worth seeing your reaction to them 🙂


  4. I think I was here earlier with a comment that I tried to make a correction on, and then it just bleeped out…not sure if you got it and if you did I hope the typo was corrected. If not then I'll say again…I'm glad you write and share with us…because for a person like myself that doesn't write…I need someone like you to write things I can relate to & help understand myself better. Words just aren't my thing…obviously. I'm more visual with a picture in mind. Writers and artists get little respect today. I'm hoping that will change soon. xo


  5. I admire the wearing your heart on your sleeve here, Anyes! Listen to your inner calling. Go for it, try it, do it, be it! We never know unless we try. I believe we all have something special to offer, even if only we see it ourselves. That we do it, creative, feel it, is enough. Take the path and see where it leads you… I hope it brings you JOY all the way! :o) ((HUGS))


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