The unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates, Greek philosopher(469 BC – 399 BC)

For almost one year now, and without really noticing it, through my blog I have been taking a closer look at my life, introspection happened and wanting to reflect I am now looking back, trying to see how much observing it, totally changed it.  While looking closer at what surrounded me, I was offered such a different perspective to everything I saw, and often time I was privileged enough to see details that were unnoticed before. 

See the heart?
In the beginning there was lot of questions, asked without really any hope of answers, thrown out into the universe yet to my own delight, one day and one idea at a time, those questions got answered and I started to see my life under a totally different light, on a different angle.  Slowly emerging now, is the realization that even on the days I am not feeling satisfied with it, my life contains elements of all the things I love, whether being my current home, the friends (in real life or online) I surround myself with, the writing and photographing I do daily.  

Valentine’s Day is over now and even if I do not really agree with all the over commercialization of it, I like the fact we celebrate a day to tell our loved ones what they mean to us.  While in the spirit of looking closer, I also realized that even if I am not married to the most romantic person, I am learning to be appreciative of the little gestures he makes just because he knows they will please me.   Often, it is when we take the time to observe carefully, that we can appreciate the importance of the details that are parts of the picture of our life, being painted by everyday actions.

Something else came along during my observation, a true sense of gratitude, of sheer thankfulness for recognizing how blessed I am overall to be healthy, full of life surrounded by loved ones and doing daily all the things I love.  I am glad that this past year has allowed me to take a closer look at my life, so I can be aware of the gifts I am being given on a regular basis and be mindful of all my blessings.

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  1. This photo is so lovely, as are your sharings today, Anyes. How glad I am that you have been finding answers via blogging. Blogging s a creative act, and creativity often leads to many discoveries. Life is sweet! :o) And so glad to know you! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


  2. Karen! Indeed life is good, So glad you liked the post :-)I have tried several times today to comment on your DYI post, but could not find comments anywhere, did you take them off?Karen, This a close up photo of a bit of the bark of our tree in the front yard, I was surprised at how good it turned out ;-)Se'Lah Blogland is truly a wondrous place filled with beautiful friends like you. Thank you 🙂


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