Microfiction Monday #5

hosted by 
Susan Carleton at Stony River

A photograph, 140 characters tell a story
Come on and join me, let’s have some fun;-)

Freedom’s corridor seemed to go on forever. Last time she tried escaping she was back in her straight jacket in no time. Will she make it?

139 characters


  1. First of all a big Thank you for all of your comments. I thought you'd like to know that she DID make it safely to freedom on the way to the next chapter of her life 😉


  2. It's like we were on the same wavelength with our stories.The first line is brilliant! And poor little thing being dragged back to her personal horror. I think our characters should meet up and comfort each other. (My word verification: partti. Ha!)


  3. I'm intrigued… especially about the straight jacket and why! Freedom's corridor… that has a beautiful sound… Very clever, Anyes :o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))


  4. Oh, Anyes, I'm pulling for her!When we lived near a nursing home we would see a lot of 'escapees' on the streets in their wheel chairs. Of course we helped them get back to their new home…


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