One year old today ;-)

Being yourself authentically is not always comfortable
but is something one should strive for.
This is the gift I was offered 
 Wherever you go, go with all your heart. 

Last chance for the one year blogaversary giveaway, come and say Hello 😉



  1. Tracy :-)Yes, I am hoping many more years of this, it's a fun ride and I have still much to discoverKaren, Your words mean a lot to me as sometimes I feel, what I am writing is of no use to anyone, Thank you letting me know it helps you sometimes ;-)The Silk Road, So glad to hear it :-)Gayle Thank you 😉


  2. First off let me wish you a happy blogiversary….and then secondly after reading your very first post…you have actually helped me out! I read that you went out for a walk after feeling "blah"….and if you see my post for today…that is how I'm feeling…blah. And since the winter here is still in full swing…I haven't gotten out much. It made me realize that's what I need…a good walk. I think that your blog has benefited you tremendously…but it has also both benefited and given pleasure to your readers. Thanks Anyes….wishing you another wonderful year of growth.


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