Want to grow new habits and read books? ;-)

The hard must become habit.  
The habit must become easy.  
The easy must become beautiful.  
Doug Henning

At this point in my life what has not worked for me in the form of habit has to go. 

For the next few months I will be de-cluttering on the habitual level, a mental Spring Cleaning of sorts. Feeling the spiritual-emotional need to grow in a very different direction, I want to create new habits to better fit this different stage of my life I find myself in. I can see the look of disbelief in your eyes. “Give it up you are all grown already! Just let it be”.

Would you believe lately I feel that I am evolving as in entering a new phase. This is prompting me to dig deeper within and to look at myself in a very different way. A loud and intense inner whisper keeps shouting (I know whisper and shouting do not go together, but just hear me out). N O W! is the time I need to take and go towards the direction of my dreams. The ones that I had never thought of after turning 11 years old, the ones I had totally forgotten about. Such an intense longing for doing what my heart forgot it wanted.

So here I am following this screaming voice in my head inner whisper and this is my plan of action: 

Three books are on my now setting camp on my night table helping me to dig within 

I had two of those books and just got the Louise Hay Companion Book today, a gift from myself to myself ;-).

Oh, and did I mention I am also reading A Walk on the Beach by Joan Anderson, just for fun.  It feels like a re-birth of sorts, a bit scary and very exciting at the same time.

Give it to me straight…Am I losing my mind?

Talk to me, I am listening :-)

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