Tuesday’s Tale # 1

As I mentioned on yesterday’s post, I have taken Gigi’s Freewrite Fridays, as my jumping board for the “Tuesday’s Tale” posts, and if you have read this blog even for only a while you already know that photographs will play an integral part, in this creative adventure of mine.  Hoping you enjoy…

Dorothy Duck 

The sight of those blooming forsythia bushes, boasting their warm yellow petals, was a welcomed clue that Spring was finally here to stay.  The sweet chirping sounds of the neighbouring birds, yet another tale tale sign of this change of season. The angry menacing clouds did not fool Dorothy Duck one bit, it was all part of this wonderful transformation taking place every single year. The cold northern wind could continue to blow, the thick dark brown feathers tightly placed around her body kept her really warm.

Was it the darker colour of her feathers that made her feel like the “brown duck” of the family?  Or because she was so shy, a bit of a recluse, mostly keeping to herself? Dorothy , as everyone could tell you was one of a kind, beautiful young duck, living in the family pond where she was born some five years ago with her mother, her father and all her relatives. 
Standing out was something she was used to, from the way she waddled ever so slowly as if walking on needles, to how she mindfully nibbled the young grass shoots, her dark bill carefully digging and picking only the best bits, everyone in the pond could see she was different.  Ducks were supposed to be a bit loud and frankly quite messy, indeed she was quite the opposite.
Neatly stroking her feathers with her bill to dislodge the bit of algae left under her right wing she was wondering now, how to break the news about what happened last night, given her shyness and bouts of anxiety…

She was strangely excited though even if a bit anxious, as she knew she had to tell someone, no matter how uncomfortable she felt.  What happened last night could not be  happening again! She remembered how while everyone slept, strange noises coming from the other side of the pond, made her decide against her better judgement, to go and have a peek just to see was caused the commotion.  The night being very dark, she could not really distinguish too much, but what she knew was in the morning, this strange sign had appeared in the middle of the pound and she knew who was responsible.  No more fretting about it, she had to tell someone…

The other ducks were gathered on the miniature island located on the North End of the pond, and she was debating what to do next.  As she got ready to jump back in the water, glancing across , wondering how she would be received, the gently rippling surface of the pond tempter her, so inviting.  One of her favourite activity there was to simply paddle lightly around, her webbed feet helping her to glide where ever she pleased. She jumped in, enjoying the soft touch of the cold wind carressing the pond water, all the while thinking of how was she going to break the news to Oscar the head of the clan, hoping he would be interested enough to listen to her story.

It was all they could quack about…”Have you seen the sign?  Do you know who did it?  What is going to happen next?” Hearing this loud cacophony made her even more nervous, and she fought her uneasiness, knowing she had to tell.  She decided to confide in Oscar, the clan leader while he was busy with his cleaning ritual.  Expertly twisting his neck, rubbing the side of his head against his wing feathers, Oscar did not pay any attention to Dorothy Duck, as he was getting himself ready, to court all the female ducks around, or at least do his best to attract a few favours.  It was Spring time after all and love was in the air.

Hearing herself talking to him, surprised them both but the best part was the fact that Oscar abruptly stopped what he was doing, when he heard : “The “GumBoots” gang is back, I saw them yesterday night, I will tell you everything:…

Constructive feedback, anyone?


  1. DRP, I thank you for drawing my attention to points I could improve in my story, i really appreciate this feedback :-)Gigi! I love the idea of trying to run with the story until it becomes something worth reading. Thank you, so much for taking the time to comment :-)Hilary :-), Thank you, I thought I'd mix words and photographs since I am mostly a visual type of person.


  2. Hi, Anyes,I am so touched and happy that the Friday exercise inspired you. DRP's advice is great. I'll be interested to see where you take this story. The sign is really funny, so you could do a lot with it. I like your small details, like Dorothy cleaning the algae from her feathers. Those details help to develop tone, and now you can develop the tension in the story. One of the best ways to do this is to ask yourself what's at stake for the characters. What have they got to gain or lose?Let me know if I can link to this post from The Magpie's Pen. I think it would be inspiring to others.Cheers and thanks,Gigi


  3. Beautiful pictures Anyes! I really love the light, as well as the way you captured the goings on at the pond.Altogether a very mild, soothing story. It seemed as though there was an attempt at conflict but then the idea was brushed away to quickly. I think you needed to delve deeper into the history of each character and how they interact with each other.Dorothy Duck was cute, but there wasn't much development.Maybe if you started the story with the surprise of the sign in the pond, it would be more catching. Awesome first try πŸ™‚ I cant wait to see how you progress. -DRP


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