Growing courage

Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.  
Arthur Koestler

For those wondering if I am going to write about heroic actions during stressful times, I am sorry but I will have to disappoint.  The courage I am writing about today, is the one I was lacking, in taking concrete steps that would be leading me to finally get better at the craft I love, in order to make my dream of writing a book come true.

However, there is such a thing called synchronicity, and I am a firm believer that the energy we emit ourselves, is like a sort of a conductor guiding us towards the information we need it only, if/when we are ready to absorb said information.  On last week’s Freewrite Fridays, Gigi’s awesome blog full of great tips and writing exercises, was explaining about describing wild animals, observing them and using them for a writing prompt and as it turned out a couple of days prior, I had taken photographs of the lovely ducks in the pond close to where we live.  

So I decided to go there for about one hour last Sunday, to observe them and to try and write about it in my writing notebook, and last Tuesday, for the first time after having debated with myself over and over again, I decided to take the plunge and to share my notebook story online; Suffice to say it was quite unnerving.  

It took a lot of courage, knowing full well that I am three levels under any beginner and that there still is so much for me to learn. I was wondering what type of response I would get after having asked for feedback, but by doing this I wanted my example to show someone else going through the same predicament, that getting over one’s fear is the only way to progress. Gigi, was instrumental in reassuring me, with her gentle ways and so very kind in her comments.  I had feared being ridiculed but it did not happen, in fact the whole experience only made me want to be better, and I will re-write this same story for next Tuesday…

The synchronicity does not end there, today while reading some of my favourite blogs, this post written by Beth from Be Yourself everyone is Taken, struck a chord with me, the question she asked was so relevant to my situation, and it seemed I was not the only one, looking by all the comments she received.  

So here I am, trying to find a bit of courage hoping that this is the right season for it to grow strong, and allow me to become fearless or rather to learn to conquer all my fears anytime I feel them rise within my heart.

Wish me luck 😉

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  1. Tracy, You are so right, we'll get there. Enjoy your week-end ((HUGS))Diane, Thank you for the invitationbeth, reading your words makes me think, wonder and gives me hope. If someone like also feels this kind of fear and keeps going on, all I have to do is roll up my sleeves and face it as well. Thank you for the hug :-)Christina, holding your hand as I go thank you, I really appreciate it :-)Anonymous, thank you


  2. here's the thing with fear…at least for my own fear….that as soon as i conquer one, another one, often uglier and louder rises up and and takes me by my new found ponytail and wrestles me to the ground where i cave and give in since i know from my earlier childhood days how awful a broken nose can be.then i grow strong. beat that fear to a pulp. and boom, another one with shadowy eyes shows up with a greedy little smile on its face and the cycle begins again….so here's a hug for you for being brave and trying to conquer your fears….


  3. Howdy!Starting a new feature at my blog called The MicroFiction Muse! Please pop in and take a look and hope to see you next week! :O)


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