Tuesday’s Tale (Soon…)

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize
Thich Nhat Hanh

Between entertaining this week-end
and being a bit under the weather (still) yesterday,
I was working on the re-writing of my Tuesday’s Tale
 not being quite satisfied with it all.

Going to my very FIRST writing group session, yesterday evening 
was such a blessing, being in a room full of people 
who have already been published, and know so much
about the writing craft was such a rewarding experience.

Coming back from this meeting,

I realized for the first time, yesterday night
and much to my amazement, that there might be a slight chance 
for me to be a writer, after all 

So, I am still working on my Tuesday’s Tale
and will try to post the new version 
next week, now excuse me
while I am going re-writing 😉 


  1. Karen, I hope I will not disappoint Thank you ;-)Karen, I can't believe it myself but it is happening. Now I just have to go for it ;-)Gayle, I do feel better Thank you :-)Norma, I totally agree. I honestly did not know there was so much involved in writing! I get to understand how much I still need to learn. I am going back to first grade 😉


  2. I hope you've been taking it easy so you can be truly well.Teaching students that rewrites were needed was little appreciated. However, they did learn to proofread for spelling and punctuation. And I realized that since they were only first graders, having them love to write was the most important skill for that grade.


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