What is blossoming?

“Thought is the blossom;
language the bud; 
action the fruit behind it”
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

Spring is slowly showing itself around here and blossoms of all kinds are starting to be visible to every one. A beautiful transition is taking place, where just a few weeks ago, there were only bare branches to be seen, you can now enjoy flowers buds starting to sprout, and soon enough fully blossomed trees will visible everywhere. Nature’s miracle at work…

The blossoming I wanted to write about today is the one of my inner whisper. You know this sweet voice, barely audible most times, that nudges at you and tries to get you moving in a direction, you are not comfortable going towards. This stubborn whisper, making you wake up 2 hours earlier every morning so you can write in total peace, while every one else, in your time zone is sleeping.  The one telling you ever so softly, everything is going to be OK, no matter how distraught you are, the voice calming your fears and your doubts when you do not know where to go anymore… 

Well, mine started to blossom a while back and even if it is still barely audible, I am learning to hear it better. What is surprising me the most, is that I now follow it, no matter how silly it might makes me feel, or how annoying it is to do so.  I know I can hear you say…?!!?? Understandably so, but let me tell you, this creative journey of mine while taking me places I’d never dream to go to even a few months back, has also taught me something truly amazing.  Following my heart is proving to be a very wise decision, something I will try to continue doing each and every day 🙂

Do you listen to your inner whisper? 
Do you follow your heart?


  1. Yes, following your heart will lead you to that wondrous place that you've always known existed. I'll love to see that place of yours, Anyes.


  2. Paul, interesting what a simple verb makes you think of, don't you think? :-)Cinner, I do have to say I thrive on change, so I am really enjoying the ride. :-)Tracy, I have seen that your creative journey is also taking you different places 🙂 I am glad that Spring finally come to visit you as well. Enjoy your Friday ((Hugs))


  3. This is beautiful, Anyes… and I can relate to so much in it. As a creative person, I learn more & more how to follow my heart, to listen to the inner whisper, and let my wings soar… sometimes I know where I'm going, sometimes the journey takes me to surprising place. I love it all. The more I care for myself and my dreams, and making time for time the easier the following the heart becomes. :o) Spring has arrived here at last… the first crocuses are blooming today! Happy Day ((HUGS))


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