Stunning Sunday Skies #1

A certain recluse, I know not who, 
once said that no bonds attached him to this life, 
and the only thing he would regret leaving was the sky.

This obsession I have with the sky is an ongoing story.
As a child, I remember wanting to paint Sunsets
for the magical mingling of all the colours.
Nowadays I just take my camera, 
join me every second Sunday together 
with Karen from A Good Snapshot

 …for another treat you can go see  
 Sunset Sundays together 
with Scott from Just Used Pixels


  1. Norma, Some days here the sky is truly something amazing which is why I am so glad to share it with everyone :-)Karen, your skies are exceptional too, the one your posted today is so interesting and different. It's going to be fun. Enjoy your week 😉


  2. I like this particular Sunday theme and your skies are wonderful. I'd have to drive two hours or so up to the Blue Ridge Mountains to get anything near comparable.


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