Words I would like to live by

“Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.”

Another week-end already here, this time I want to try
and make a conscious effort to better know 
how I spent those two days that 
always fly by without
my knowledge…


  1. Hilary, this week-end I happened to be my children's taxi driver ;-)Cinner, on week-end Lovely Husband works and I get to run like a chicken with no head which is part of the problem ;-)Enjoy your week


  2. I always look forward to the weekend when my husband is home from work. time does just fly by and I find myself wondering why it always flies by so quickly. hope you enjoy yours, beautifully written my friend. take care.


  3. Tracy, It would be quite a treat to have a regular 3 day week-end, I love this idea ;-)Gayle, I wish your days to fly by if it means things are better.Karen, I still have to experience the time to slow down so much up until now it really flies much to my dismay.beth, today was cold and sunny no complaint…I guess rain is back tomorrow, we'll see


  4. my weekends fly by too……especially when it's warm out…..but lately, they've been dragging. come on mother nature, warm it up out there !!


  5. I like what you and Gayle had to say…very insightful. I find the more I focus on the time flying by, the faster it goes. When not giving it much importance….when i look up at the clock it's as if time completely slowed to almost a halt. What's weird is that my son (since living back at home) has noticed the time halt at the same times as myself…we freak out when that happens.


  6. Terrific quote, Anyes! I know the feeling… somehow the weekend flies by all too fast. I think 3-day weekends should be mandatory. I can see a Friday thru Sunday being a great thing. ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))


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