Pearls of water

How can I not love the rain when it leaves
behind wondrous treasures for me
to see, on every flower petals,
atop every green leaf…

The light shining within easily catches my eye
and beckons me to look closer, at those
tiny jewels forgotten by nature, 
just waiting to be found

Whether rain drops or pearls of water, 
their name does not really matter for 
you will find yourself squinting 
in delight, trying to see 
where is the next one
 waiting for you…

After a rainy day, just come and have a walk around 
your neighbourhood, you will be pleased to see 
those watery pearls every where you look,
calling your name trying to be


  1. m! glimpse of Spring is the right word I believe rain is back on the menu tomorrow ;-)Karen, yes they are just a few blocks from where we live and they looked so pretty :-)Se'Lah! I felt I was on a treasure hunt looking for them and I had so much fun :-)Karen, looking forward to your rainy snapshots šŸ˜‰


  2. Tracy, Yes indeed they are waiting for us. Happy Easter week-end to you too sweet friend :-)Hilary, It was really fun trying to find those pearls all around. Thank you for your kind words :-)Gayle, Thank you thinking of you:-)Gigi, Hoping your Easter week-end will help you get the rest you need to get better.


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