Nature walks or city walks?

No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning.
Cyril Connolly

It might take a bit more than just a morning to walk out of our city, still the reason I love Vancouver so much is that should we decide to drive Downtown to go to Stanley Park, we are but a short walking distance away from the beach and its relaxing vistas.
So easy to forget we are in the heart of Vancouver, when looking at the sun’s reflection on the ocean’s calm waters. Peace and enjoyment and a familiar soothing sensation takes over, every time I get close to the ocean. Growing up close to the Atlantic ocean might explain this a bit…

There we were the four of us last Sunday afternoon, one of the only days of sun for the whole month of April (I might exaggerate just a tad), walking with our friends on the Stanley Park Seawall.  The air was salty and a bit windy but felt so refreshing, half of the city was there walking with us, yet I did not mind it. This year’s Spring being quite wet, and having the luxury of a sunny Sunday together with friend and family such a rare occasion, sharing it with my fellow Vancouverites was to be expected 😉

I felt totally rejuvenated after this nature walk in the middle of Downtown Vancouver, and only wished it would be something we as a family would do on a more regular basis. Just another item on a wish list growing bigger every day…

Tomorrow, I will talk a bit more about this Sunday May 1st’, blogging challenge I registered myself withan exiting event that is pushing me beyond my comfort zone on so many levels…

What did I get myself into this time? 😉


  1. Now I'm wondering what you got yourself into:) I can hardly wait to find out the answer.That park looks like a cool place to go for a hike. We haven't had too many nice sunny days here either. We have also taken advantage of those few sunny days. And yes, the whole town comes out. I can't blame them. Here's hoping we both see some nice warm spring weather soon.


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