Tuesday’s Talks

A single conversation with a wise man 
is better than ten years of study. 
 Chinese Proverb

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Here we are, for a brand new feature of this blog called Tuesday’s Talks where for the whole duration of the month of May, every Tuesday, I’ll be interviewing one woman I admire within the blogging world. 

Today’s Tuesday’s Talks is with Beth from Be Yourself…Everyone else is Taken, seeing her blog for the first time a while back I remember totally falling in love with her photographic style. It did not take me long to be also inspired by the way she played with words. Beth, was very kind in accepting to answer the questions I had prepared so without further ado, here she is: 

  • Where did you grow up? 
i was born in a small town, where everyone knows your name, in southern wisconsin. but i grew up when i fell in love and got married. i grew up when my favorite grandmother died.  i grew up after the birth of my two children. i grew up during everyone of our 13 moves. today,  i can’t wait to see what my future brings. i’m ready to grow up a little bit more.

    • What made you decide to blog?
    i started blogging 5 years ago. “be yourself”  isn’t my first blog, but it’s my favorite one so far. when i first started blogging, we were in the process of moving here to madison and i thought it would be a great way to keep friends and family on top of everything that was going on with our move. little did i know that it would turn and jump and slide around in so many ways and become what it is today. if it wasn’t for blogging, i’m not sure i would have fallen in love with photography the way i have
    • Where does your creative inspiration come from?
    my inspiration comes from everything i see and hear. there’s never a day that goes by that i’m not inspired by something. but if you arm wrestled me and said “pick one thing that inspires you” i’d have to answer, people. 
    people, whether they are loved ones or complete strangers, pretty much blow me away, everyday. 

    • How do you juggle family life and blogging?
    since both of my kids are now out of the house, i don’t feel like i have to juggle anything anymore and honestly, even when i started blogging, my youngest was in 8th grade and i had all the time in the world to call my own while he was at school everyday. i don’t know how some of the mom’s today do such an amazing job on their blogs and keep up with their little ones running around. when my kids were little, blogging wasn’t even a word. yes, i’m that old.

    • Do you remember the first comment on your blog?

    oh my gosh, no i don’t. i could go back and find it, but that seems like i’d be cheating on your question. 

    • What did you discover about yourself while blogging?

    i think the biggest thing i have discovered about myself while blogging is that i love it. i love the fact that it has given me a place to write and share my thoughts and dreams. it has given me a place to see myself. a place to be myself. 

    like i mentioned above, without blogging, i really don’t believe that i would be the photographer i am today. when i first started blogging, i used photos from flickr. lots of photos from flickr. then on a whim, i signed up for a photography class at squam {that i wouldn’t have known about without blogging} and it was as if the skies opened up. as if after years of searching, i finally found what i was passionate about. 

    so the fact that i can share my passion, on my blog with all of you…well honestly,  i can’t imagine a better way to spend a few hours of all my days.

    thank you so much anyes, for liking me enough that you felt i was worthy of being interviewed. you’re a doll.

    love, beth 

    Thank you Beth for participating, in making this project come alive. It meant the world to me πŸ™‚
    I can you tell it took every ounce of strength and courage for me to ask her all those questions. The lesson I learned going through this amazing project was to ask, just go and ask, the warm welcome you will receive might just blow your socks off πŸ˜‰

    Next Tuesday another interview


    1. I can not believe how many visitors come over today! I want to thank you all whether you commented or simply came to read, I'll do my best to come and say hello to everyone of you a bit later in the week.Beth, you are truly amazing, Thank You


    2. Well, a new blog to visit. Thank you for interviewing her.Isn't it interesting how many of us use our blogs to perfect our photography? Sometimes I think it's better than any class I could take.


    3. Hi, Anyes. I've arrived from Beth's blog, one I've been visiting for the past couple of years.I love this idea of interviewing someone and I'm glad you went out on a limb to do it – beyond your comfort level. Sometimes all you need do is ask and you shall receive.Beautiful here ~


    4. Thanks so much for profiling a blogger whose work I love — and I mean all of it, from that she showed in her early blogging days to her terrific photography now. I come from Beth's blog, but look forward to digging into yours a bit more!


    5. What a great idea to do these reveals as interviews.I have enjoyed Beth's blog for some time now and I think your first choice for the series was brilliant. :DLooking forward to seeing who's next.Suzan


    6. Beth is a treasure. She touches so many with her photos, her use of words and thoughts on life. She's bubbly and 'jump-filled' yet honest enough to share deeper, darker days too. I adore her tiny self with big energy!


    7. coming over here to visit you from beth's blog… she is a sweetheart and a perfect choice to christen your new blogging feature. nice to meet you here… you did a lovely interview πŸ™‚


    8. thanks again anyes….this was so much fun !ps…that first comment i think is spam. i had the same one this morning, exact same words, but a different name and i deleted it…..


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