Wishful thinking

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.  
John Muir

The growing moss does not know my pain
which is why it heals me

A running river does not feel my sorrow
which is why it helps me forget

Dipping my toes in the cold waters 
reminds me of simple pleasures

The flowing watery ribbon takes me far, far away 
to a world where peace abounds

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  
Albert Einstein


  1. Charmaine, the forest felt totally enchanted yesterday :-)Jinksy, Thank you :-)Tracy, the more I grow the closer I want to be to nature as if to re-energize my soul :-)Karen, you are most welcome :-)Marcie, Green being my favourite colour made it even more fun :-)Karen, I would have loved to come too, that would have been quite an interesting day ;-)ladyfi, the river spoke to me and told me what to say ;-)Gayle, Thank you so much :-)Mildred, je suis contente de vous voir ici et je suis sure que vous aimerez Hilary 🙂


  2. Un très beau billet avec de superbes photos! La nature dans toute sa beauté et sa sérénité!Belle fin de semaine;o)ps: J'ai rendu visite à Hilary et je me suis inscrite en tant que membre de son site aussi;o)


  3. Ahh! Albert and John…my two favorite guys. Would have loved to spend just a day with either…you know…pick their brains a little. Your photos have once again dazzled. And I think your writing captions for each are beautiful. xo


  4. anyes…your photos are so beautifully breathtaking and i dwell in the truth of your chosen words…thank you for a beautiful opening to my day. and thank you for your visits. -xok.


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