Rain? you said…

Tell me how many beads there are 
In a silver chain Of evening rain, 
Unravelled from the tumbling main… 
Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Did I fully understand when I came to live here, in rainy Vancouver that a vast majority of the days would be gray coloured and filled with clouds? that rain would be the most common type of precipitation? may be not…Yet looking at the photographs I took yesterday, I could not be happier about our “liquid sunshine”…

Looking at those water pearls as if they were entire worlds, often fascinates me. Finding beauty in the rain drops sure helps. I am taking such a deep pleasure in the little and simple things, and nature’s beauty is opening my heart. Poor tulip resting on a wooden log waiting for the rain to stop, asked me to take her photograph, I gently obliged ๐Ÿ˜‰

Those blue flowers had a far better time than their neighbour the tulip. The rain drops did not seem to weigh as heavy on their petals. Furthermore, it gave their beautiful colour a bit of shine and luster. Those are some of the treasures in my front garden after a sudden May shower. But wait there was more…

The last of my treasures, were hanging out on a blade of grass. Watery jewels of sorts with light reflecting on their beauty. As I discovered yesterday, for any one willing to look close enough, there is so much to see and to appreciate. Rain being still on the menu for a while here, it will be my pleasure to share with you more of my watery pearls treasures…
Happy Friday to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

click on the photographs to enlarge them, be careful you might get splashed…


  1. Karen, I am glad you enjoyed it :-)Nicole, I am having even more fun now with my camera ;-)Julie! You are most welcome :-)Haley, this is the name we have here for the rain…no joke. I took those photographs right after the rain during a dry break ;-)Angela, I am glad you like it :-)Lisa, I have to say it was very hard at first , but I don't mind now. I love how green everything is and the blossoms sure make it all better ;-)Tamer, Thank you for your kind words


  2. Just absolutely beautiful… And necessary to see the drops as liquid sunshine there in Vancouver. I lived in Victoria many years ago and couldn't quite see it the same way. But I do miss all the blossoms in spring. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I like the idea of "liquid sunshine" — especially since that's about the only kind we get here in not-so-sunny Seattle! I rarely take my camera out when it's raining, but I should do it more often, as it does produce some lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.


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