Scared, and excited…

The important thing is not to stop questioning. 

Curiosity has its own reason for existing.
Albert Einstein
  • I love blogging, I guess I already knew this, but not been able to post at all for about a day, gave me a renewed sense of wonder at the creative possibilities that are mine when I do blog.  It is the main attraction for me, this unlimited outlet right at my finger tips allowing my ideas to be given an exit out of my head.
  • Blogging also helps me keep my fear of writing in check, you see while posting daily thanks to this WordCount Blogathon, I forgot how scared I am for a while, being so wrapped up into the motions. The more I write, the less I fret about it, a total win-win 🙂
  • However, while Blogger was out I did not want to lose any time so I decided to try out WordPress and got myself a brand new blog there. Interestingly enough, being quite ignorant as far as tech stuff goes, by the time I had figured out what to do, blogger was back up again. Even if it ate yesterday ‘s post (supposed to be back up later on), being the place where I am the most comfortable, it will stay my daily blog of choice for now.
  • However, believing there is a reason for everything I plan to post on the other blog as well but only three times a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I am still trying to figure out what I will make it all about, but should have a post there before the end of the day.

Blossoms in my neighbour’s frontyard

Should I have gotten myself this other blog? 

or was I too eager 😉


    1. Nicole, it's quite an exciting time for me as I have so much to learn but I really appreciate how interesting this experience has been :-)Grace, lots of writing is what I want to be doing in order to get better at it, I'll see if I can make it work 🙂


    2. I blog when I am running away from unpleasant task at work. I work for myself so it isn't really cheating. Keeping up with two blogs seems like a lot of writing. If it gets to be too much you can always change your mind.


    3. Yes, you should have and you have every right to do so!Since technology changes so rapidly these days, it surely doesn't hurt to have a web presence in multiple places. It all goes back to that old saying of never put your eggs in one basket, you know, lol.Besides, just like the social networking sites… can set it up so that both of your blogs promote each other, by posting links to your wordpress blog from this one and vice versa, posting links to this blog from the wordpress one, even if they are just one link in your sidebar or blogroll or something….list them wherever you would list your Facebook page link or Twitter link, etc.The wordpress blog just gives you more room to spread your creative wings 🙂The Madlab Post


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