Tuesday’s Talks

Along with trustworthiness, consistency is the thing to look for 
when you surround yourself with people who can help you on your quest. 
Michael Johnson

Interesting how fast a whole week can fly by, when life takes you under it’s wings and keep your head spinning from one project to another. Tuesdays Talks are here again for the third time now, I have a treat for you all sweet readers of mine. 
About a year ago, shortly after having started on my own blogging adventure, I happened upon Secret Notebook Wild Pages the beautiful blog from m, heart.
She was one of the very first woman I really connected with on a deeper level and today I feel both honoured and so grateful to have her answering my questions. 
Here she is… 

  • Tell me a bit about yourself…(as much or as little as you feel comfortable with)

Lover of life (and a proper cup of chai).

  • What made you decide to blog? 

When I  began blogging almost 4 years ago, my knowledge of blogs was fairly limited — in fact the only one I read with any regularity was The Wit of the Staircase . Shortly after I began reading it both the author, Theresa Duncan, and her boyfriend, Jeremy Blake, committed suicide. I was struck by the depth of my reaction. I felt like I’d lost a personal friend, though I’d certainly never met Theresa and was only a “lurker “on her blog. Once I’d experienced firsthand the connection that could be made across this online medium, I wanted to try it myself. Secret Notebooks • Wild Pages actually began as a tentative series of posts connected to my old Myspace page. Within months I was addicted to the daily routine of writing and creating, and felt ready for “the real thing,” launching Secret Notebooks • Wild Pages in August of 2007.

The blog began with a photo of a broken robin’s egg in a bird’s nest and a quote from psychologist Erich Fromm, “Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is.” At that time, my mom had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and my dad with dementia, and I felt (correctly, as it turns out) that the inevitable loss of their presence in my life was going to shift my world and path dramatically. I began to sense that the concept of “giving birth to myself” would become an important step in the process of grieving and forging ahead as a person made stronger by a painful experience. I hoped blogging would somehow help me to find the stronger person within myself a little quicker. If nothing else, I hoped it would be an effective distraction from worrying, which I desperately needed!

  • Where does your creative inspiration come from?

Everywhere and anywhere. In the city I’m inspired by street art and the angularity of buildings and the faces that one notices in a sea of strangers. At home in the country I’m inspired by nature’s masterpieces – funky mushrooms that spring up overnight, birds that fly in and out with the changing seasons, cloud shapes, rocks, the amazing diversity of plants…In either the city or the country, I’m always inspired by people who overcome adversity to follow their calling.

  • How do you juggle family life and blogging?

Luckily this hasn’t been an issue for me — my partner J is as dedicated to his creative pursuits as I am to mine, so we give each other a lot of space after work and on weekends to pursue them. He actually lurks on Secret Notebooks, and chides me when a few days go by without a new post!

  • Do you remember the first comment on your blog?
Yes, and it was shocking because I didn’t expect a soul to find me. It was a comment from Rachel of The Metaphorical Magpie. I had just submit my first photo to a self-portrait challenge blog (which is now a Flikr group) and she was judging submissions that week. A year later I met Rachel in person while J and I were apartment-sitting in Brooklyn.
  • What did you discover about yourself while blogging?
Well I definitely rediscovered my life-long love of writing, something I’d let go of for years. Also, for the first year or two of the blog I participated in several weekly illustration and creative challenge sites — and since I can’t draw to save my life I found myself doing lots of digital illustration. I eventually became so confident with it that I illustrated the cover and interior of a book I was designing for a client: Cider: Hard & Sweet. Blogging also inspired me to start taking photos, something J (who is an amazing photographer himself) had been trying to get me to try for years! Before long I was graduating from a simple point-and-shoot to an SLR, then experimenting with different lenses, then tinkering with toy and vintage film cameras. I always have a camera with me now! Developing these creative outlets, coupled with the support and kinship of online kindred spirits (like yourself), has really helped to boost my self-confidence, and sent me in directions I couldn’t have dreamed of when I began.

Thank you so much m, for having taken time to go through with this idea of mine I know how busy you are. I do feel like we are kindred spirits and having you here is quite an experience for me. 

Given that I really enjoy doing those interviews I believe it will continue to be a regular feature here.

Tell me, what do you think? 


  1. Tracy! I am glad you enjoy this serie and I will try to keep it interesting. Have a wonderful Wednesday ;-)Karena, beautiful name :-)m! I am very thankful you have accepted my invitation and glad you enjoyed this interview too :-)beth, Thank you :-)Se'Lah so nice to see you here. I can't wait for you to join as well ;-)Take good care of yourself.


  2. I haven't been able to visit my friends in blogland for a while now and am i so happy to come here and find you and m.heart having a playdate. can't wait to join in.i enjoyed this interview very much.thinking of you. one love.


  3. LOVE your new interview series, Anyes! I admire m.heart's blog very much, so it was fun to hear how she began blogging. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


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