A promise is a promise…

“He was ever precise in promise-keeping.”
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

For those of you, already wondering what today’s post is all about let me explain:
Starting this WordCount Blogathon challenge, at the beginning of the month of May, I  wondered about finding interesting subjects to post about. A  few of you kind readers did help me by giving some helpful suggestions. Post about everyday life you said so here it is because right now at this time of the year, everyday life in Canada is all about Hockey 😉

A short while later one evening, while watching the Playoffs I made my son a very strange promise telling him, that if the Vancouver Canucks Hockey team playing at the time against the Chicago Blackhawks was to win against Chicago, I would devote a whole post about the team or at least having hockey as the subject theme.

So here I am, intent on keeping my promise, because as it turns out not only the Canucks won against the Chicago BlackHawks but they also won against the Nashville’s Predators
They are playing tonight against the San Jose Sharks, so I thought I’d better get writing 😉

Today’s post however will be more about my 10 years old’s obsession with our Hockey team than with the sport itself. It all started about 9 months ago and at the time I thought it was quite endearing. The sweet way he would always want to keep score, knowing at all time where the team was on the Western Conference Standings. Often trying to convert me and his dad to become devoted, loving full-time hockey fansLet it be known for the record that I am a fair weathered hockey fan. I only become interested in the sport during the Playoffs and every year I leave the game having understood very little about it, being French does not help.
This year however is totally different, Sweet Son is making sure of that. He is reminding us to be loyal and hopeful and teaching us to be excited about something we have absolutely no control over. He is also teaching us to let him be who he is, a bundle of tears and laughs all jumbled up within. Our young boy is learning in front of us about the up and downs of being a true sport fan, a kind of metaphor for the roller-coaster of life and showing us that he can handle it. 

Any sports fans amongst you?


  1. Alison, I am sorry the team you were rooting for are not playing anymore. I hope the NFL lockout will soon be resolved. Thank you for your visit 🙂


  2. Anyes,My in-Laws live in Nashville, but are originally from Pittsburgh. So they were sad to see both the Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators lose. I'm married to an American pro football fanatic who is scared this year's football season won't happen, so I'm just enjoying the spring and summer for now.


  3. Karen, it must have been quite an exciting time during playoffs ;-)Christina, I would never have guessed, cool :-)Nicole, I do love tennis and soccer myself and used to watch the NBA games when the Chicago Bulls were with Michael Jordan…Quite a while ago 😉


  4. I've watched some hockey games on TV when I was a kid but that particular sport didn't peak my interest much because the players are always fighting, lol.Yes, I am a sports fan but not a sports fanatic. I'm not bothered if a miss a game and I don't keep up with all of the stats and such, but I do like a variety of sports.Currently, I'm upset that the Celtics is out of the playoffs after playing the Heat so I don't plan on watching the NBA finals!I also watch tennis sometimes, ice skating and football. I tend to watch the Super Bowl most years but don't pay much attention to a lot of the games in the regular season. I also used to watch NASCAR races….as a matter of fact, one of my April 2011 blog posts is about NASCAR, lol, and features a photo that I took during a racing week!The Madlab PostThe Madlab Post


  5. anyes, great post and nice job keeping your promise… canucks and hockey… i am 1/2 canadian with 5 younger brothers… i understand completely! wishing you a wonderful day! -xok.


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