Pleasures in the sun

‘Tis my faith that every flower 
Enjoys the air it breathes! 
William Wordsworth, (1770 – 1850)

Could it be that when the sun decides to shine in my neck of the wood, it always becomes such a celebration simply because it is such a rare occurrence? On those sunny days, I do feel the need to go out, to feast my eyes on the simplest of beauty. With a leisurely stroll, trusty camera in hand, my excited heart looking out for anything I find intriguing, I just slowly walk around. The bright glow of the natural light shines on every thing I see, helping me capturing those fleeting moments of a bright and sunny day.

Beauty also finds itself hiding in the shade, waiting for an inquisitive mind to be discovered. A warm softly blowing wind caresses my skin and I find myself craving the heat and the sunlight, knowing they will only make a short appearance, here. As it stands right now tomorrow’s forecast is rain. But it does not matter, I have captured my sunshiny rays of beauty and I feel happy. 
Whether the yellow of those flowers dancing on a tree branch, or the bobbing dandelions heads gently swaying in the wind, my world spells Spring and my heart is dancing with joy. The welcomed tweets of the nesting birds sweet melody tickle my ears and I can’t help but smiling. For me everything does look better under the sun, maybe because I view it as a rare gift of nature. 

How do you celebrate a sunshiny visit?


  1. Hola Carmen, Me encanta de ver que has venido visitarme y que te gusta el graffiti de la cabecera de mi blog. Lo tome dentre dos carejas en Vancouver en un lugar lleno de graffitis.


  2. ladyfi, sprinkling sunshine…I love it :-)Elaine, It's the very first time I won anything and I feel so lucky. Thank you :-)Tia, Thank you 🙂


  3. I celebrate it much the same as you. I try to absorb as much of it as I can while we have it! I always wish it were more sunny here than it is. I wonder if I would lose my love of the sun if I saw it more often.


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