Stunning Sunday Skies #4

Though outwardly a gloomy shroud, 
The inner half of every cloud Is bright and shining: 
I therefore turn my clouds about 
And always wear them inside out 
To show the lining. 
Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler

I was lucky to capture this stunning sky, while we were downtown Vancouver for Mother’s Day evening last week-end. The words fail to describe how truly stunning the sky looked. The calming reflection of the sun in the water was what I enjoyed the most. I could have starred at this view the whole evening…

Go and visit Karen at Another Good Snapshot  for her take on a Sunset Sunday where she also has a Stunning Sunday Sky.

A relaxing Sunday here where gray skies are giving me all the excuse I need to take it easy



  1. wow….it's not that beautiful here. not like that. i love water and clouds and reflections and well, pretty much everything about this photo.


  2. Alexandra, I do love them :-)Karen, It was such a magnificent viewI had to share it :-)Karen! You forget to mention how stunning your snapshots are 🙂


  3. I am slightly jealous of the fact that you have the whole Pacific Ocean there while I just have our city reservoirs. You are a lucky person!


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