My 5 favourites places to write…

Quite late today in posting this, lots of thoughts swirling in my head about writing, self-doubt creeping its familiar face once more into my creative life…but first of all: She’s back which means I can start breathing again…

Second of all, my Tuesdays Talks are being postponed until next Tuesday where hopefully I will have some answers back to the emails I sent a few amazing women I have asked to be interviewed.

And now without further ado, back to the post at hand where as part of the Blogathon challenge, todays’ theme post is about telling our readers our “5 Favourite places to write”. 
I have been thinking about this subject quite a bit but did not really come up with any satisfying answers. 

Part of the problem is I am still searching for my favourite place to write. I do have a few favourite spots, at home. On the couch in the early part of the morning where I write my morning pages, or should I say where I WAS writing my morning pages
Lately it’s been quite a struggle to carve any dedicated time for writing and as a result one of the time that I don’t keep as part of my regular routine is the early morning one. Not for lack of wanting it, mind you but it seems lately my energy is vanishing and I need more sleep than I used to…
Later in the day I really enjoy placing my laptop on our table by the kitchen windows, where the light is so warm. It’s a very central location and I often feel inspired enough to spent quite a bit of time writing there.

My third favourite writing spot is in my bedroom for the late night posts, the last minute re-write of a draft idea or even a brand new post I save for later on. Those three spots are the ones I favour, and as you can see they all are located at home. 
However in my mind’s eye I have this neat little coffee place where I go every day and where I spend hours on end writing to my heart’s content, but it is only a fantasy therefore does not qualify 😉

Part of the problem is I still do not see myself as a full-fledged “writer”, hence the lack of designated space for said activity. I am working on it though, even if I believe that writing a few hours a day everyday does not qualify me for this title, it is what I ultimately want to do when I grow up.  

As a funny side note, I often get really inspired about writing ideas, or even blog posts…in the shower…as you can imagine though no writing is taking place there but it’s definitely part of my creative ritual. I guess we could agree to call it an inspiration spot?

Do you want to share your creative spot ?


  1. Beth, I believe it might be something in the air…Or may be lack of sun light ;-)Karen, I found that going for a walk also helps me opening my heart to fresh ideas. Good Luck 🙂


  2. Add me to the "struggling for a blog post idea" list. I park myself in front of my laptop all evening but am coming up empty. Congratulations on your award!


  3. seriously. in the shower, is by far where most of my ideas are grown. literally starting from nothing but a tiny seed and then all of a sudden…a sprout here and there…..i think we might be feeling similar today, based on what i wrote about…..and how late in the day i finally got it out….


  4. Anyes, you have been given The Versatile Blogger Award… congratulations!…please visit my blog for more details of acceptance…hope you favorite place to write…in my front room, with a candle lit, pen and journal in hand…morning light bringing in the day…-xok.


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