Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem 
as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven. 

John Lubbock 
Cleaning up closets and finally putting Winter away
Finally catching up with stubborn laundry pile
The search for an escaped parrot in our neighbourhood
A whole lot got done that was not planned…
Getting to photograph this Sunset just in time made it all worth it
Come and join my friends: Scott at Just Used Pixels
and Karen from A Good Snapshot
for another Sunset Sunday extravaganza 🙂



  1. what a beautiful picture, and yes i agree with you sunset are like looking into the gates of heaven, god bless you today and always thank you for sharing.


  2. i've always thought the gates of heaven would open up onto a beach with the ocean in the background and now with your sunset as the curtain in the back….


  3. Very pastel sunset…and I love it. Funny how we seem to get more accomplished when there isn't a plan or a list…and the universe just whisks us around to whatever needs being done.Stopped over at Goodsnap…and have decided I need to learn macro on my camera. Not sure it even has a good macro…but I surely cannot figure out how she gets those wonderful closeups. Nice site…thanks for the link.Hope you're weekend is going well. xo


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