Tuesday’s Talks

Tuesday is here again and I am so excited. For today’s interview I will introduce you to a wonderful soul who’s been doing so much unseen work in a effort to appease a bit of the suffering around her. Whether rallying all of us to participate in a thoughtful Random Act of Kindness, or organizing an international exchange of snail mail called Gift of Jewels, she does it all. Her heart is boundless and she seems to be like the energizer bunny…she never stops 😉

Here is my beautiful friend Se’Lah and her answers to my questions.
  • Tell me a bit about yourself…(as much or as little as you feel comfortable with)
Greetings friends.

My name is Se’lah, author of the Necessary Room blog.  It’s not really possible to describe in words the complexity of my definition of self.  So I will try my best to share with you a piece of my soul.  (exhale).

I am a Black, Rastafarian Mother of quite a spirited, unique, creative, talented and beautiful daughter.  She has taught me so much about valuing each moment of life, and the depths of our human capacity for love.  I am also blessed to be married to a see-ri-ous piece of eye-candy who far transcends his physical beauty with his kind and compassionate heart.  Our eclectic, West Indian, family unit is enhanced by so many of you who I’ve bonded with in and beyond my Necessary Room…I cannot even begin to thank you all enough for your loving-kindness and unwavering support (especially those who help keep the art of handwritten snail mail alive).  Much love.  

My heart skips a beat when I am being creative – whether through dance, photography, poetry, writing, quilting, basket-weaving, arts & crafts or other mediums.  One needs such expressive outlets to balance the demands of my professional life.  Meditation is definitely a must for me because I get to touch that place deep within, filled with peace, love, calm and serenity.

I find, however, that my best days are those spent doing my part (however small) to help ease the tremendous suffering in the world.  
  • What made you decide to blog? 

One of my best friends in real life created a blog to chronicle her adoption of twin Haitian boys.  Every time I asked Heather about them, she would refer me to her blog – it was then that I discovered blogging.

Years later, after I relocated to a new state, leaving behind our family home conveniently equipped with it’s own Necessary Room, where the best of friends and family would satta and reason for a while leaving behind burdens untold, I felt an immediate void.  To compensate, I decided that neither time nor space would stop me from enjoying the sanctity of this space, so I created a virtual one in the form of a blog.

  • Where does your creative inspiration come from?
Seriously, I give all thanks to the Most High JAH for blessing me with the words and thoughts to share with others in my space.  I am also blessed with a very talented bloodline – sons and dawtas of slaves who though bound in shackles and chains, survived the inhumane passage from Mama Afrika to the pristine shores of the Caribbean Sea.  These unforgotten slaves are to be credited with passing on their artistic ambitions to my ancestors, who in turn paid it forward to their lineal descendants.  I draw much inspiration from these brave men, women and children who ultimately paved the way for me to be able to enjoy and celebrate the richness of my roots and culture.  I am also inspired by nature, and many friends and family members. JAH know. 

  • How do you juggle family life and blogging?
Very s-l-o-w-l-y.  lol.

Thankfully, I have a very supportive family who share a love for artistic expression.  My blog is an extension of that love and I thank my family immensely for allowing me the time to share that love with you.

  • Do you remember the first comment on your blog?
Absolutely!  It was from Heather, one of my biggest cheerleaders ever.  Each comment thereafter has been a treasure I hold dear to my heart.  I read them all and smile, even if I don’t get a moment to promptly respond.  Give thanks for all the love.
  • What did you discover about yourself while blogging?
Through blogging, I discovered that I have untapped creative talents.  Before opening my Necessary Room, I never really thought of myself as a poet, or writer, or even a photographer-in-training. I now embrace these budding skills in an effort to become a finely tuned instrument of social change, because I sincerely feel that it is my moral obligation, as a citizen of this world, to help as many people as humanly possible in this journey called life.  And if one of my poems, or photos, or blog posts make a difference in the life of another, or help bring us all a little bit closer as loving, caring human beings, I give JAH all the thanks and praises.

Most of all, I learned that I need not develop true friendships face-to-face because love truly transcends all boundaries.

  • DSC_0343-1.JPG

Giving thanks to my beautiful friend, Anyes for allowing me to grace her space here today and share bits of me.  I am so honoured that you chose me to participate in your interview series (blushing).  You are truly a wonderful soul.  one love, always.

The feeling is mutual Se’Lah I am truly honoured to have you here and proud to share you with others. Thank you for having taken the time to answer my questions 🙂

*I apologize for the lack of uniformity of this post, I seem to have font and colours issues and will try to fix them later, “


  1. Tracy! I am so glad to be reading you here again. Very glad you are enjoying the interview series :-)Birdie, I agree with you wholeheartedly :-)Gayle, You are most welcome. Kim, quite a pleasure to see you here. I hope to see you back again soon :-)Tracey you are right a true angel :-)Gail, You said it all :-)Heather, Thank you :-)Kim I feel so thankful for her presence here :-)Christina, indeed :-)Karen, I am sure you will love her too :-)Se'Lah the love you inspire is visible in everyone's comment :-)The Silk Road, You are most welcome 🙂


  2. Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Anyes for being such a gracious hostess and friend, and to all of you for expressing such kind sentiments. The feeling is definitely mutual.one love, always


  3. Such a wonderful interview with such an amazing woman of sacrifice LOVE, kindness, purpose, truth and honorable spirit. AmenLove Gailpeace……


  4. I think Tracy already said it! So to what Tracy said I just simply add 'I love you Se'lah! very lovey interview, thank you Anyes as well. sending love.


  5. Se'Lah has the biggest, most compassionate heart of anyone I know. Her love & generosity know no bounds. She is my friend, and a big inspiration in my life. So wonderful to see her here, Anyes. Very much enjoy your new interview series :o) ((HUGS))


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