Pink clouds you said?

 Certain recluse, I know not who, once said that no bonds attached him to this life, and the only thing he would regret leaving was the sky.

Kenko Yoshida

Monday night, she had said “Mom, let’s go and just walk by the pond”, and I had agreed. Being couped up at home for most of that day I needed the fresh air. She was holding my arm as we walked slowly, and looking at her I marveled at how fast the years transformed my Darling Daughter into this amazing young person, almost a woman. We were chatting and singing and enjoying each other’s company, the air was warm and I felt happy. 
Earlier that evening I was lucky enough to capture a truly amazing sunset and I was readying myself for some Blue Hour shots, thinking it was late enough in the evening. 

Arriving at the pond we sat on the boulder facing the water and listened in to the geese and the frogs chatting together. Surrounded by nature I was all wrapped up in the beauty of that particular moment, when I happened to look up and saw a glimpse of this marvelous looking sky. The Pink and Blue kind, which is always such a pleasure to admire. I suddenly felt an urge to dip my finger into some liquid paint to just throw some wild splashes onto a canvas and see what would happen. 

Alas not finger painting allowed on the street, but the next best thing…Being able to take photographs of nature’s awesome show. So we went running up to the hilltop just in time to be catching those breathtaking moments. 

Am I the only one wanting to try and copy this on a blank canvas?

My very first moon shot, what do you think?



  1. Birdie, I have to say I was the first to be surprised of how well it turned out :-)Isabelle, Merci beaucoup tes compliments me vont droit au coeur:-)melanie! I am always in awe of this daily miracle :-)Norma, Not much more ;-)Gail, Love back to you :-)Scott, It was such an incredible sky :-)Karen, you are so sweet :-)Mildred, Merci j'avoue que c'est la premiere fois que j'arrive a photographier la lune :-)Karena, I am so partial to her it's not even funny ;-)Hilary, I am glad you enjoy it 🙂


  2. That's a fantastic shot of the moon. You did yourself proud on that one. Pats on the back and kudos well deserved on this one!And kudos again…Your daughter sounds delightful. Well done mom. xo


  3. Magnifique photos d'un ciel superbement coloré!Et la photo de la lune est très réussie aussi! Bravo!Belle journée et à bientôt!


  4. HI ANYES- oh such a lovely walk with your daughter – and the skies – so beautiful and breath taking. HallelujahLove to youGailpeace…..


  5. The moon shot is amazing, truly is! Sky can show us the most amazing movies, stories and fairy tales isn't it? And I hear you on feeling so happy in the presence of your child … oh yes, I so relate to that … sending love.


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