Summer plans? only dreams…

What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, 
the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, 
and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.  
Gertrude Jekyll

Colours of Summer the way I love them, a soft and tender green playing together with a pastel blue and an interesting peach. The scene is set, I am ready for Summer having forgiven the fact that Spring here, was just a wetter version of Winter.

Looking at this pretty sky I can’t help but wonder where will we go this Summer? School is over in a mere 3 weeks and I find myself already daydreaming, the way I sometimes do…

Closing my eyes I can already smell the salt in the air. The sun is hot and the sound of the waves is the only music I need! 
Growing up close to the Atlantic Ocean, diving in the waves while trying to keep on my bathing suit was keeping me busy all summer long. This was how and where I learned to swim. 
Such a powerful energy comes from the vast ocean always refreshing, replenishing my dulled senses. I love the taste of the sea air on my tongue and the way it sticks to my hair in white strands of dried up salt. 

Writing about it sure got me dreaming. Who knows, we might go soon and wet our feet in the Pacific Ocean. 
Where will you go this Summer?


  1. Birdie, hmmm I forgot all about the sand, but I remember now. Thank you ;-)Hilary, Writing about it I almost felt there myself ;-)Mildred, Which seaside was it?Tracy, day trips are fun too. You might discover something totally unexpected, :-)melanie, I have a feeling you'll love the Atlantic Ocean and I hope you get to go soon. Enjoy your Ashram retreat and everyone there, I am really looking forward to read about it :-)Karen, your kind words are always so sweet. Thank you :-)Isabelle, Walking in the mountains is also something I'd love to do, it must be so spectacular!Karena, staycation is so relaxing…a good book to read, a lovely garden to look at…I'm coming ;-)Karen, It's a deal…Atlantic & Pacific Oceans photographs, that's going to be quite the show ;-)Beth, I can feel your aching heart and wish I could send you a bit of the ocean for you to look at whenever you wish to :-)The Silk Road, The ocean always called my name and I feel so blessed to have lived close to the sea most of my life 🙂


  2. I love the writing of Gertrude Jekyll…she's one of my favorite garden reads. She knows color. You do as well. Beautiful peach in this photo. Vacation for me this year is home…a staycation…and I'm grateful for my home.Hope you find the ocean a place of rest and relaxation if this is where you decide to go.


  3. I remember those days… on the coast of Britany in France, where I'd spend hours in the ocean, the bathing suit heavy with sand in the butt :)But now I live in the mountains and I will spend my vacation in the mountains… in a place where you have to walk to get to… which means no roads, no cars, no internet, no phone lines just nature all around…. no dreams, keep it real :)Good day


  4. beautifully written, anyes… thank you for inviting me to share in your summer dreams, for the breathtaking image, and for such sweet remembrances… i have been blessed by you this morning (once again). -xok.


  5. I adore the ocean and hope I'll get to visit the Atlantic sometime this summer. If not, friends are getting married in Maine this October so perhaps I'll have the opportunity in the fall.At the moment the only "vacation" plans I have is for my solo week at the ashram, where I'll learn again from my Teacher and from the other kindred spirits I'll meet there (Ayurveda and so much more)!


  6. Oh, so lovey… I feel on vacation just reading this, Anyes! Since our recent trip away it our big summer treat, we look to find tiny ways to have a vacation feel with fun at the weekend, doing/going places locally–that's the idea anyway! With garden & home projects looming, we'll see how long that last… LOL… Happy Days ((HUGS))


  7. Oh! How I miss the seaside where I was born and raised until the age of 13! Sigh…Thanks for sharing your beautiful image and words;o)Happy day!


  8. Yum.. what a delicious image you present. Summer is my season and I feel pretty much the same way about it as you do. That's a wonderful photo.


  9. and I can feel the warm sand of the beach crushing under my bear feet, the smell of the algues and the sound of the seagulls in the air … thank you for taking me along with you today Anyes and for letting me remember my own ocean experiences … sending love your way!


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