Stunning Sunday Skies #6

A week-end spent writing, and daydreaming of possible vacation locations. The weather this week being set on changing every ten minutes, and in my heart the faint possibility of a hot Summer yet to come. Last week’s sky was a true beauty and together with Karen from A Good Snapshot we are each posting a photograph of our Stunning Sunday Skies.

Universe is sending signals of my life slowly changing to be geared towards a word filled environment. Opportunities never before seen are now slowly presenting themselves. Being surrounded by wonderful women who write for a living is something I am slowly getting used to. 
It feels like an ever so smooth and soft transition, or maybe it’s the way I want to look at it. In any case I am following this tiny path I barely see, which I feel will lead me to where I am supposed to be.

What are you up to on this beautiful Sunday?


  1. Birdie, I am still searching for the ability to be mindful…Such a struggle for me. Enjoy your week :-)Karena, The word I chose this year is so fitting "Believe". Thank you for you rkind wishes :-)Karen, Your skies are extreme, how about you shoot the blue immensity?Elodie, naps on the beach? I had a Maths study session with Darling Daughter…Not fair 😉


  2. I love your pastel sky. I wish mine were more like yours, but it is either one extreme – stormy – or the other – perfectly cloudless.


  3. Anyes! a truly stunning sky you captured! thank you for sharing!! … happy to read that you are on a soft transition there where you want to be and that you like it … my Saturday was about mindfulness – I was really truly in the present moment each moment of the day and that brought so much inner peace and joy. Sunday, however hubby mentioned vacation and I spent the day daydreaming … and I felt the difference with yesterday as I was not fully present today … sending lots of love your way!


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