Tuesday’s Talks

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself.  But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.  
Thomas Szasz, “Personal Conduct,” The Second Sin, 1973

I have the privilege today, as part of my Tuesday’s Talks to be presenting you Marcie ScudderI have been reading her for a while now, as one of the many voices of Vision and Verb . Her writing and her photographs are always such an inspiration to me. She is on her journey of discovery and I enjoy knowing many of us are there together.
Without further ado…
  • Tell me a bit about yourself…(as much or as little as you feel comfortable with)
Some call me a ‘Renaissance Woman’..a someone whose interests are broad and far-reaching. An Architect by profession and training. A photographer. A writer.  A yogini.  A mother..a daughter..a sister..a wife..a friend. I prefer to think of myself  as a ‘Jill-of-all-Trades’a someone who wears many different interchangeable hats  sometimes all at once and at the same time. I’m a lover of all things beautiful.a seeker of trutha collector of life’s little details. I’m a big  believer in the power of ‘practice’. I’m found  now  in middle-life..loving the possibility of redesigning and recreating and always  the hope to begin each day again.
  •  What made you decide to blog? 
I first started my blog as a personal challenge to myself to practice daily seeing and capturing the world thru my camera’s lens. I’d been walking the same walk for years..and had just recently taken the time to stop and look and see. At the time  I knew very little of this blogging world and this wonderfully supportive and inspiring community. It was my son who suggested I do this.
In the beginning  I posted only photos..no words. More recently  and with the creation of my latest site  I began the practice of writing to challenge myself creatively.
I had initially thought that my blog would be a one year project. What I didn’t know was that the one year would grow into two..and now into my 5th with no forseeable end in sight.
  • Where does your creative inspiration come from?

Much of what inspires me comes from the natural world that surrounds. I love the quiet and solitude of the early mornings..and the light. I’m a very internal person. Much of what I find..comes from my daily walks and within.

  • How do you juggle family life and blogging?

Honestly  I didn’t start blogging until my youngest child was in high school. I don’t think I could have managed work and family and a daily blog when my kids were young..and their demands great. They are now  all three  mostly grown and gone..leaving me more time and space to pursue things that I love.

  • Do you remember the first comment on your blog?

HmmmI can’t say that I remember exactly what that comment was about. I do remember that it was about a photo of two swans whose heads formed a heart. It was both a thrill and a surprise..never having experienced a ‘comment’ before.

  • What did you discover about yourself while blogging?

Mostly  I’ve discovered my voice.  It often terrifies me to think of putting myself out there. But  here..in the comfort and safety and relative anonymity of the world wide web  I began to take risks. I learned to quiet the inner critic and experiment. I found myself growing in ways and directions that I never imagined. I found strengths that I never knew I had. Somewhere along the way and during this blogging journey I uncovered and discovered myself.

A big Thank you Marcie for you time and for having played with me today 🙂

It is such a pleasure for me to be learning a bit more about every women I get to interview. Each time, I see that no matter what our circumstances are we are bound by the same curiosity towards finding more about ourselves and our world.

The photographs on this post are courtesy of Marcie 🙂


  1. Je prends le temps de lire ton billet ce matin, et c'est une belle découverte ! Merci … l'anglais me donne pas mal de peine, mais j'ai pu apprécier quand même le blog de Marcie Scudder. Bonne journée.


  2. Karena, I am sure you will love her :-)Marcie, It is a pleasure to have you :-)beth, the quote really sums up my belief about life's purpose. I wish I could take credit for the photographs but they are Marcie's :-)Birdie, I am glad you came to visit :-)Laura, Thank you for your kind words :-)Laura Abigail, Thank you :-)Karen, I truly enjoy those interviews so much myself, I am glad you like them too :-)Ginnie, I am glad you got to know another side of Marcie. Different facets of the same person 😉


  3. For those of us getting to know Marcie, both through her photography and her writing, it's fun to fill in more details via this post, Anyes. Thank you for 'presenting' her to us in this way. Don't you just love the world of Blogging! 🙂


  4. Marcie I relate to what you have shared so well. Blogging has helped me find my voice as well and has encouraged me to challenge myself to truly be present when I photograph. And now you've led me here to another beautiful blogger!


  5. Anyes, I didn't know Marcie but I read with great interest the interview and I admired her pictures. So again, thank you both, Anyes and Marcie for this lovely interview 🙂 hugs!


  6. i've known marcie for a long time now and her photos and their titles are always so creative….ps….i love your quote and photo today….xo


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