Is Summer really here ?

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 

…Summer’s wild flowery treasures  

Remind my longing heart of all the times 

I used to run so deep in the tall grasses  

Laughing while playing my Summers away…

Yes, Summer is here 🙂


  1. Gine, Merci beaucoup :-)Tracy, Right back at you dear Friend :-)Sarah, Thank youBirdie, It was such a feast for the eyes. :-)Marcie, Thank you so much for this compliment. I am really glad you enjoyed coming over yesterday. :-)Baracka, your words are timed perfectlyIsabelle, Je pense que ce soir nous aurons egalement des orages ici ;-)Mike, Rain give for some interesting photographs, and sure keep everything green ;-)Jennifer, I love the purple and green combination in nature ;-)Nefertiti, Merci :-)Karen, it seems this year forgot about Spring, but I am not so sure about Summer yet here, rain in the forecast tomorrow 😉


  2. What gorgeous and stunning photos, Anyes.We skipped spring and went straight into summer back the end of April. I would gladly trade our 95F days for Mike Perry's English summer. . . .


  3. Lovely photos though summer seems to have disappeared for a while here in England. It has been rain, rain and more rain – but it will make the flowers grow. There's good in everything.


  4. Anyes, I love the pictures, the colors of the purple-blue-green together just so soothing, inviting, almost mysterious … Love this Rumi's quote as well! happy summer to you and yours! love & hugs.


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