How was I supposed to know?

Youth is a perpetual intoxication; it is a fever of the mind.  
François Duc de la Rochefoucauld

How was I supposed to know?
That those children growing up so far from each other could be getting along so well…

How was I supposed to know?
That speaking different languages was a just another fun challenge they’d loved to tackle…

How was I supposed to know?
That seeing my niece’s hands I would be reminded of my sister’s hands and feel a bit sad…

How was I supposed to know?
That seeing them play together I would be remembering my own childhood and feel happy…

I could not have known but I am enjoying every minute of it 😉


  1. Birdie, It is such a sweet feeling seeing my sister daughter's playing with mine as if they had grown up togetherI totally understand how you mean it :-)Gine, des fois c'est dur d'etre trop loin :-)ladyfi, Thank youTracy, as if I needed another teenage girl ;-)They are having so much fun…Hugs back Enjoy Friday Isabelle, definitelyGail, children have this amazing capacity to adapt. It's quite a relief to see how close they are :-)Karen, You are right it is in part thanks to the internet they got to know each other so well.Your family reunions sound like so much fun 🙂


  2. How different from my childhood. All my family – grandparents (both sides), aunts, uncles, cousins – lived with 100 miles of us. At our last family reunion, there were more than 142 of us (all descendents of my mother's father's parents). Even though I've moved the farthest away and that's only 450 miles, we still keep in touch daily. Family is borderless and Facebook is a wonderful thing.


  3. HI ANYES – great post. And I so understand because my son teaches at an International High School in the So Bronx, NY – and the students come from all over the world. The barriers they over came and the walls they tore down so they could commune and learn and love and play are miraculous and life-giving. He has been forever changed for having experienced them coming together despite so m any obstacles. Love to youGailpeace…..


  4. you see I also meant 'touching' post … I know this feeling of 'I miss' … far too well to find it 'sweet' … I hope you could understand how I meant it … love!


  5. Aww, such a sweet post Anyes … I think I can relate as someone who doesn't live in her native country … I'm happy the children get well along and happily play together … children don't put up barriers … enjoy the visit, big hugs!!


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