What did I need?

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.  
 …Striking never ending vistas, filling my heart with beauty and awe…
…A long awaited renewing of the spirit and the soul…
…Inner peace found while driving on what seemed forever roads…
…A few precious dips in the salty Pacific Ocean’s waters…
Ingredients for the perfect getaway
What is your recipe?


  1. Reading your post, traveling in your Blog is like a fresh wind in a hot day, so a … "new vigor to the mind".:DEven walking in known paths can be something very new.I just have to stop look around feel the landscape and feel me in this landscape. Then i am filled in with wellness, intimacy and belongingness.


  2. Isabelle, going back where nothing matters hmmmm, how tempting ;-)Marcie, It sure was. It feels good to be home :-)Tracy, a week-end in London would also be interesting. I love your new place 🙂 Karen, grateful and refreshed within is exactly how I felt for the length of the journey :-)Karen, I am glad to have peaked your curiosity ;-)I'll be writing more about those canyons and the peace I found while being there (not in BC)


  3. Oh, so good… sounds like the best summer getaway, Anyes! We are just back from a long weekend in London–lots of art, architecture, parks and great food… I want to go back again already. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S. writing now from my new place in blogland…


  4. 4 days in the high mountains… that's what it took but then, going back is stressful, lower altitude creates pressure, can't sleep, want to go back where nothing matters :)Nice to see you back


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