Taking it slower

You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.  
James Matthew Barrie

Ever felt as the only way to go forward is to stop
 even if for only a short while?

Taking a deep breath, quieting a racing mind 
and being open to taking it slow.

Photographs to organize, pages to write, rooms to paint…

It will all be done in time, one step at a time 🙂



  1. Gine, C'est souvent dur d'y arriver tous les jours ;-)Sas, Mutual experiences are truly awesome and so inspiring. Hugs :-)Karen, I'll send a bit of clouds and you'll send some heat. Deal? 😉 Karena, it is the way it seems this year, so very interesting and so new too.ladyfi, those golden moments are worth so much each time they appear. Their impact is often felt weeks after :-)Karen, it's my pleasure to be able to start your day on a golden note :-)beth, I am coming with you, no wait! I just got back ;-)Sharon, a slower pace seems perfect right now if only there was a bit more sunshine 😉


  2. I love the photo and quote. I've been so focused on trying to seize each golden moment as they feel they are slipping by far too quickly – but perhaps that is OK.


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