Can you hear them?

The temple bell stops 
but I still hear the sound 
coming out of the flowers.  

A simple walk in the forest camera in hand and there
right around a clearing I thought I heard them…
Where there bells ringing?
Was I daydreaming?

Feeling a bit silly I photographed them and smiled.
They might have been calling me
and it would have been rude not to listen πŸ˜‰

Losing my mind maybe, 
Enjoying it…of course!


  1. Isabelle, I am glad you hear them too ;-)Birdie, The more the merrier ;-)Uma, don't you love the sound of a bell ringing? ;-)Marcie, it happens so regularly ;-)ladyfi, I believe they are magic ;-)Hilary, I love the company πŸ™‚


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