Happy Birthday Sweet Son of mine

Looking at you today my heart swells with unconditional love. 
At first I was worried not to know how to love both you and your sister.
I did not know then what you taught me since you came, 11 years ago today. 
The more people in one’s heart, the greater its capacity to love.

May you become the man I know you can be,
the perfect balance of kindness and strength.
May the road lying ahead be filled 
with all the lessons 
your heart wishes to learn.



  1. Birdie, It was a fun day for him and a day full of memories for me :-)Isabelle, I used Picnik.com to change my photograph of him :-)Karena, Thank you so much Karena ;-)ladyfi, your precious one is having a Birthday soon. Happy Birthday to her too :-)Uma, Written from the heart :-)Karen, He knows it as much as 11 years old boys do ;-)Christina, I had fun with it too 🙂


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