Just visiting

It had all been decided last week. This Saturday the children 
and I hopped on the skytrain direction Downtown Vancouver. 
Ready for a whole day in the city playing tourists.
First stop the Aquarium to show it to our guest
and also for me the opportunity to try new

There we got to see the Graham Amazon Gallery where I took 
the parrot, toad and butterflies photographs. I am still trying to find out 
the name of the Black and Orange butterfly one I posted about

What do you think of my aquarium photographs?
Can you spot the Beluga?

Next stop Granville Island, right across from False Creek. 
The fresh produce market and the myriads of artisans and artists 
displaying their creations makes it one of my all time
favourite Vancouver destinations.

Strolling around and looking at all the beautiful creations
was really quite interesting. Everyone was enjoying themselves.
After a simple pique-nique freshly bought from the local
merchants, we took the Aquabus and got a small ride  
across the water. 

The plan was to finish the day with a bang! The Festival of lights 
was being held on English Bay and we wanted to
wait on the beach to be there right when it started.

Came night time and we were all ready. Sitting together on a log front and center and enjoying the whole show from a vantage point of view. 
I even grabbed Darling Daughter’s
camera to take a few fireworks shots 🙂

The night finished quite late as we had to wait a long
while for the crowds to dissipate. Going back home took
us a lot longer than originally anticipated. I know the 
children were tired. I can’t help but thinking
 they will remember this whole day 
for a very long time.

Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.  
Jean de Boufflers


  1. Gine, J'ai suivi les explications donnes sur le site yahoo, sauf pour le "rubber".Marcie, It really was :-)beth, Vancouver and Seattle do look alike, both being in the Pacific NorthWest. I'd say Seattle is much bigger though :-)Karen, I guess I know who's going to visit her aunt and uncle next Summer ;-)I did not use the hood either and it worked fine


  2. Wow, now I know why my aunt and uncle live there in the summer. All this time I thought it was to escape the Phoenix heat; I didn't realize what wonders you have there.And I've followed all the suggestions for aquarium photography except for the hood. I'll get a rubber one and try again. My past shots turned out terrible unlike yours.


  3. what a great day !if you hadn't told me where you were, i think i might have guessed seattle…..and yep, i see the beluga whale !!


  4. Quel programme ! Bravo pour tes photos d'aquarium, ce n'est pas facile avec la réverbération des lumières sur les vitres !


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