Seeing beauty

Beauty is not in the face; 
beauty is a light in the heart.  
Kahlil Gibran
Her beauty beckoned my eyes, she was sunlit and offered herself to my admiring gaze.

I saw them right after, yellow visions of delight, bright and so cheery.
Shy, self conscious she was unaware that her beauty was still there for everyone to see.

Which beauty do you see around you?



  1. Oh these are just breathtaking! August light is like no other- so golden, and you've captured it so well playing amongst those flowers! The light is the beauty for me these past few weeks, everything it illuminates, which is so, so much 🙂


  2. Anyes, do you realize how gifted you are at finding the right words for the right pictures?I love this post!As for which beauty do I see around me well, today, it will be you 🙂


  3. Ah, yes, the miracle of flowers; beautiful always. There's a lot to be learned from nature.Like Cinner, I see beauty in the simple things in life. Gibran is of course right; true beauty is found in the heart.All the best for your weekend.Lilli


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