This one is for you

To all of you, my friends on the Eastern Side of the United States of America
I am sending this Sunset Sunday hoping and praying for you.
Visit Karen,(hoping you are safe) and Scott for other spectacular Sunset Sundays.

…Thinking of you…



  1. Isabelle, I heard Fall is just around the corner ;-)Lisa, You are most welcome to use this photograph. I thank you for asking permission :-)Sharon, I am so glad you love it :-)CherryPie, Thank you :-)Karen, I am glad you are fine and the ones you love too :-)Tracy, It was such a treat to see. ((Hugs)) :-)ladyfi, Nature's beautiful gift :-)Jennifer, I am glad you like it 🙂


  2. As you know, I'm fine; too far away from the coast to be affected by the storm. But the selfish part of me is glad that the beach cottage we're staying out in October had no damage at all (it's owned by a family friend).Love your sunset. It is a huge contrast to mine.


  3. What a gorgeous photo! Did you take that? If you did, may I use it on my blog for my Friday meme, Book Blurb Friday? I'll be sure your name is on the photo for credit. (I won't use it unless you grant permission.) Beautiful!


  4. Beautiful sunset view!Everything fine on this side of the planet :)… but there is a certain chill in the air telling us… … something I don't want to hear yet!


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