Such a challenge :-)

“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. 
Ask questions, then feel the answer. 
Learn to trust your heart.”
 I am slowly starting to trust my heart even when it’s whispers are very soft .
Quieting my mind, feeling the answers I am seeking.

…I did not understand until now how quiet I needed to be…


  1. Gosh I can so relate to this. I have my son back at home for a time…23 years old…and even though he is quite a peaceful person…I still miss having my time alone…listening. I feel it really helps to get centered…and right now I'm totally off center. It's funny how much a person needs quiet.Love the quotes, and the leaf picture. Thanks Anyes.


  2. That is a tough accomplishment… can't say that I know how. I do know, however, that this photo is a beautiful representative of this post. Lovely.


  3. quietening the mind…stilling the mind, i read that in my books but phew is it hard to get. yesterday i had a reiki session and she told me that every time a thought came into my mind i should think of it like a blackboard and erase it. easier said than done, but sometimes i yearn to be totally still and find that wonderful peace.


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