Up in the sky

More than anything else the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, 
if you can conceive of such a combination.  
Wilbur Wright
Right outside the airport windows on the tarmac was one of those magnificent birds,
waiting for its human cargo. A few more moments, it was going to be 
whisking them away to distant places.
Sitting by the windows both ways, I was very lucky to be able to enjoy those
magnificent vistas. Endless clear skies giving me lots of opportunities
to play with my camera, feeling so grateful.

I felt like in a dream being on top of the clouds trying to peek
and see what was below me. I have decided next life
I am coming back as a bird, …a migratory one at that 😉 
The beauty of traveling this way is the opportunity we have to observe
how grandiose and stunningly beautiful our planet is.
I always feel like a speck of dust every time I board a plane,
especially when I see the true size of the world we inhabit.

I had wanted to share a few of the photographs I took two weeks ago
(already two weeks?), so here they are for you to enjoy. Looking back at them I still
feel the tingling sense of adventure I felt the whole time I was there.

Have a Fantastic Friday 🙂



  1. I am terrified of flying, but of course I'll have to do so this December so I can get home for the holiday. And I will soon be putting J on an airplane from NM to CT, a thought that scares me even more than flying myself. Your photos make me feel at least a little more…curious…about the adventure.


  2. Tracy, It was during my flight to and from Las Vegas about two weeks ago. :-)Marcie, I want wings ;-)beth, I love to be reminded of it sometimes :-)Lilli, I am glad you like them :-)Karen, I flew from Belligham (WA) to Las Vegas (NV). Flying above Arizona state should give for awesome photographs. I hope you'll be able to take some 🙂


  3. Somewhere in the American West?I need to remember to take photos when I go to Arizona in February, that is, if I can stop gripping the armrests long enough (very nervous flyer here).


  4. Ooo… I love the almost abstract quality of these photos, Anyes! Where did you travel to? Such views…*swoon*… :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


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