Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us, 
and then we’ll need no other light. 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Light, it’s the way the sun shines while playing hide and seek in the pine trees…
The brightness of the fallen rain pearls on the grass blades …

It’s also the way I feel 
when the weight of my doubt is lifted from my spirit,
as the words fill up the blank page of my desire.
When my heart can finally hear, the song my soul whispers…

Do you see the light – Do you feel light? 😉


  1. Cinner, They came from deep within :-)Baracka, you are most welcome :-)Hilary, I am glad you do :-)CherryPie, The sun got to shine a bit after the rain and it felt like magic :-)Tracey, Your words are making me blush, Thank you :-)Isabelle, It's my favourite tooLili, Thank you very much :-)Frank, you are right it is easier to see the light when darkness is close. Thank you for the visit 🙂


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