Standing still or moving too fast?

“Neither can the wave that has passed by be recalled, 
nor the hour which has passed return again.”
 Ovid  (Ancient Roman classical Poet and Author of Metamorphoses, 43 BC-17)

Most of the days I am just looking ahead, to the next activity, the next event on our family calendar. Days are a whirling feast of busy hours followed by short resting periods. Overall time has a very fluid quality trying to catch it, is like trying to grab a wave through one’s open fingers. Quite an impossible feat…

However the odd days it feels as if time was standing still and I was part of a slow motion picture. I am inside the eye of the storm knowing that as long as I can stay quiet time will stretch for me. Those pockets of relative stillness are usually found when the house is sleeping (quite late at night or very early in the morning). 

Learning to breathe calmly and just be, is something I have been struggling with for quite a while now. All the elements needed for my success are there yet I find myself trying to sabotage my own attempts to meditate. As if I was scared to be learning something new…

Does anyone else know how frustrating it is 
to be standing in one’s own way?


  1. i feel you in this…life moves at such a pace these days it is hard to center oneself without totally removing yourself from simuli…such as at night…i thinkit takes a lot of intentionality…which means we have to make it a priority…which of course means it disrupts other things…which can cause fear…but i imagine you can do it…


  2. i haven't been cruising blogs of late, but i was so happy to stop by yours this morning. always thoughtful. maya is right…you surely make all your visitors feel many things…and all revolve around inspiration.


  3. Hello Anyes;Yet another thoughtful post. I often try to remember the quotes you share, so I can share them with my family (often I get it wrong, and I have to come back to you).I can easily relate to your frustration. Ralph Waldo Emerson (American thinker) said: 'As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way.'I believe this to be very true.Those who fail to achieve at least a reasonable degree of their potential — tend to operate out of a belief system that says, 'I’m not worthy of (I don’t deserve)'. At least, that's how it works for me. I'm working on my self worth, and I long to step out of my own shadow and stand in the sunlight. Lilli 🙂


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