The road ahead

“Each of us has the right and the responsibility to asses the road which lie ahead and those over which we have traveled, and if the feature road looms ominous or unpromising, and the road back uninviting-inviting, then we need to gather our resolve and carrying only the necessary baggage, step off that road into another direction. If the new choice is also unpalatable, without embarrassment, we must be ready to change that one as well.”
Maya Angelou

Every Autumn and interestingly enough almost always around my birthday, I feel the same urge. To look ahead and try to imagine a bit of what I’d like the next 12 months of my life to be. This year is a bit different as I will be focusing within this time while looking to try and become my own best friend.

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.”
Henry Ford (1863 – 1947)

I understand how peculiar it might look but it’s been in my heart for quite a while now and I am ready to give it an honest try. I am curious to see how my own life can be transformed just by looking at it from a different set of eyes. Yes, I know what you are thinking:” Anyes, You are still the one looking into your life”, granted…the difference however will be the perspective from which my life will be observed.

You see up until now I have lived to some extent, with the intent to please everyone around me, regardless of how I really felt inside. Coming to this new chapter in my life will certainly bring on quite a bit of change. For one, I believe my inner dialogue will reach unseen proportions but it’s a risk I am willing to take for the betterment of who I am. As usual I will be sharing with you my discoveries. 

Another interesting journey is now beginning 🙂

Is it silly for me to be feeling so excited?


  1. i think when our kids are younger we do live to please everyone but ourselves….but then the day comes and it's OUR turn. so grab it like a high flying football and run with it to the end zone !


  2. Tracy, Thank you for your kind wishes sweet friend :-)Birdie, I am jumping for joy :-)Gine, Je retrousse mes manches et j'y vais ;-)Uma,Maya Angelou is the wise woman who wrote those beautiful words. I am glad they also speak to you the way to did to me.I am so relieved you are safe :-)Vicky, It does seem like a new adventure somehow :-)Karen, Thank you :-)Tracey, Well said ;-)Karen, It's going to be a bit of a departure. I know the ride will be interesting even if I am still a bit in the fog, as to where it will lead me ;-)Jennifer, You are so kind 🙂


  3. 1) Happy Birthday!!!2) Do Anyes & only Anyes3) no it's not silly; the excitement is because you're setting yourself free4) congratulations5) 🙂


  4. Silly? Oh no, not a bit… I am excited for you too! So courageous to step outside of yourself, by looking deeper within and staying true to your blossoming voice. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Wishing you a year full of blessings and new discoveries!


  5. I may need to steal this quote Anyes, it really speaks to me after my recent journey! Somewhere around mile 1,000 this week I decided I am not going to feel responsible for conforming to other people's expectations of me. I think this winter will be a time of hibernation and contemplation, very different than what I was expecting to be doing! But all good.


  6. I think it's not silly of you to be so excited because you know inside you that you are going on a discovery that is true to yourself and that you can only discover and be the who you really are who you really meant to be in the first place … & that's pretty exciting 🙂 love!


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Anyes! Wishing you much love, harmony, peace and creative happiness as your new chapter begins. Oh, yes, be excited! I'm excited for you! :o) I think birthday's are good time to reflect and take stock… Happy Days ((HUGS))


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