The beauty I love :-)

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 

My kind of sky, full of passion and a bit tormented…
I get lost in its sight, feeling I never belonged…
I keep coming back to the same question…

What am I here to do?

Thanks to my beautiful friend Beth from be yourself …everyone else is taken for this brand new header, coming my way shortly after I started thinking of change…Interesting don’t you think? 



  1. Birdie, sending you hugs :-)Tracy, It seems to be a recurring them somehow doesn't it? :-)Karen, Your kind words do mean so much to me. Thank you for writing them :-)Brian, I am slowly getting there, while juggling my everyday life 🙂 CherryPie, Beth is the designer of it. She did an amazing work and I simply love it 🙂


  2. anyes, perhaps you are already doing it, and just need to expand it more? i am blessed by what you offer as gifts of inspiration in this corner of the world…and then i ripple out to others because of you… you belong…i am so very certain of this.-xok.


  3. One of my favorite Rumi quotes… And have I felt the same burning question. Why am I here? What great purpose am I here to fulfill? Some questions are worth returning too… Happy Day, Anyes ((HUGS))


  4. Anyes, gosh you gave a goose bumps with this one. "feeling I never belonged" … hmmm something that resonates with me more than you know … much love!!!


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