1. demie, the tricky part is totake the time to stop ;-)karen, I certainly will :-)Marcie, Merci :-)CherryPie, I am glad it brought you joy :-)Nancy,the quote is one I really love :-)Gine, ce sont les lumieres des lampadaires de la rue sous la pluie vus du 36 etage d'un immeuble. :-)Brian, I was very lucky :-)Karen, try your camera on P setting. Quite close to a window on a rainy night. I was actually looking down 36 floors aiming towards the street lights. I was so surprised to have been so lucky 😉


  2. C'est une image qui m'amuse, mais honnêtement, j'ai peine à voir de quoi il s'agit et surtout comment tu l'as "faites" ! Ca me turlupine !


  3. love this shot – dreamy… thanks for your visit and great comment – how 'bout a pic of darling daughter's halloween decor? (you will be glad you marked the fast-fleeting influence of her creativity…)xok.


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