Simply allow it to shine through

[T]he invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion
is also flowing through you.
Wayne Dyer

Days are coming and going some of them without me fully understanding where they went. Back in the Summer I distinctlty remember looking forward to this point in time. I was under the misguided impression that I would be doing much more of what my heart desires (photography and writing). Thinking long quiet streches of iddle time would be mine. Inspiration would then appear and following my muse I would gracefully fill up the pages of my journal with one hand while snaping artful photographs with the other hand. Yes, multitasking is good for you 😉

Alas as you must have already guessed reading my slightly sarcastic words, it was not meant to be. I am still running like a headless hen (I almost went for chicken, but remembered my age ;-)…Days start at 5:30 AM and finish so much later than what I had hoped for. By the time I am ready inspiration is looking at me thinking “she’s too busy, I’ll give her a  try later…

Slowly though I am discovering that my reality is much different. Everyday while being busy with the mundane task of daily living, I have hunches, words come in my head, images show up from nowhere. For the first time since I started blogging I am learning to fully trust them. I obediently write the words down or take the photograph I have in my head.  Low and behold to my own amazement, I am seeing that the illusive inspiration I thought required so much time, is in fact by my side. It is right there at my finger tips as long as I am willing to let it shine through. Being less in control of my life because of the busyness of it, has in fact allowed inspiration show itself more regularly.

I feel the peace of being able to create while enjoying the simple beauty of family life with all its highs and lows. I would be lying if I told you it’s enough. Right now however I am coming to terms with the fact that my artistic life has to learn to play second fiddle to my family life…

Letting go of trying to control how it was going to be, is a lesson I am still in the process of learning 😉

Cross-posted over  at  Vision and Verb –  where a collaborative group of like-minded women from all over the world share their passion for photography and the written word. 



  1. Oh Anyes! I would have said chicken but remembered my age she says…and I smiled…and I am heading over to V&V to leave a fuller comment there.Love the blog banner by the way — looks so good!


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